Wednesday, August 12, 2009


While we were in North Carolina we visited my grandmother and her hubby. Remember?

Well while we were there Zachariah pretty much fell in love with their dog, Brownie. And you know what? Brownie fell in love with Zachariah too. Every time Zachariah would go outside of Brownie's electrical fence boundaries, he would cry and whine until Z came back. It was SO cute. And pitiful. That dog desperately needs a friend. :)

Now fast forward to earlier this week.

I was standing in the kitchen eating what ended up being the first of 10 brownies I devoured that day, when Zachariah came and stood next to me with puppy dog eyes. I asked him if he wanted a piece and he responded with an eager "uh-huh!!"

Since he is learning new words on a daily basis, I try tell him the name of the food(s) that he is eating... and every now and then he will try and repeat it after me. So as I was handing him a piece of my brownie I said to him, "This is a brownie, ok?". And he promptly barked at me.

Over the past couple days when he sees a brownie or wants to eat a brownie, he barks. And it makes me laugh, each and every time.

He loves this dog. Almost as much as he loves my brownies.


Raine said...

That is possibly the cutest thing ever!

Tammi Nowack Photography said...

Ha! That's funny!

That boy needs a dog! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe grandma Howell can bring Brownie to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh sooo funny!! Love that kid. Dogs like Brownie (looks like a Boxer) are so good with children.


jamie b said...

lol! so cute!

oh and about the 10 brownies...I can relate! last Thursday I made some to have throughout the weekend. they were gone by Friday!