Tuesday, August 11, 2009


- I am tired.
- I am tired of my neck being so stiff. I need a massage.
- I am overwhelmed with the amount of pictures I need to edit.
- I then need to post said pictures to facebook.
- I need to practice my photography. I just cant seem to find the time.
- I want my son to have fun during the day. But its too dang hot do go outside.
- I want to do yoga, but I cant afford to take classes and the DVD's are not encouraging me. Seriously, what normal person is THAT flexible?
- My son cracks up laughing when he sees me doing yoga.
- I am afraid I have gained 45 pounds with all the brownies I have eaten in the past three days.
- Forget yoga. I need to do the 30 day shred or something.
- My son is turning two in a month. Someone pinch me.
- I didn't get to go see my brother graduate from boot camp this past weekend, and that depresses me. Watching video's and seeing pictures makes me cry.
- My son came up and randomly hugged me today. That came close to making me cry.
- The garbage men did not put our trash can back where it belonged. That almost made me cry too.
- I am apparently emotional today. Dang hormones.

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Raine said...

Hormones are evil. I was battling them last night myself. It's amazing how trying to figure out First Grade homework can make your nerves raw. ;) Good luck!