Friday, July 31, 2009


Preface: The Pioneer Woman blogged about some wooden spoons that a friend gave her as a housewarming gift. I thought the wooden spoons were amazing. They almost made me drool.

That being said, I have never owned a wooden spoon.

Yes, you read correctly. I used to have a hatred for them. But I blame that on my parents for using a darn wooden spoon to spank me when I was younger.

I have become fascinated with wooden spoons over the past few months. I have had a desire to go out and purchase a bundle of them. But I am not sure why I would use them. I mean, I have plastic spoons, metal spoons and silicone spoons (which I LOVE).

So that leaves me wondering... why do I need a wooden spoon? What will it benefit me? Do you have wooden spoons? Do you prefer wooden spoons?

I need feedback. I really want you people to convince me that wooden spoons are amazing. Because I REALLY want to go out and buy some.

And because I have some lurkers who NEVER comment (ahem. you know who you are), here is a poll. But I would still like some specific answers in the comment section.

So there.


jamie b said...

i use wooden spoons all the time. i guess because my mom does too. i've never used a silicone spoon. i need to try that. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you have way too much free time.

Anonymous said...

I also used my wooden spoons in the kitchen and on your bottom! I didn't have to use them often on you, the perfect child :), all I needed to do was show you the spoon and you would straighten up! I don't think you turned out too bad, do you?

Lazerwolf said...

I use a wooden spoon to stir the tea. It's somewhat like an iron skillet, soaking in the tea flavor time after time so that each time the spoon is used, it contributes an aged tea flavor to the mix.

As far as a tool of discipline, I find it lacks the proper power-to-pain ratio. It would take much more effort to get the desired sting warranted by the offense than, say...a leather belt. Now that can get a message across with very little effort on my part. As a child, I learned that a lingering whelp would serve as a reminder for a couple days to avoid the need for further discipline. Wooden spoons absorb too much of the impact and don't leave much of a reminder.

To be honest, even though psychologist warned of life-long mental scars to my children, I found my hand to be the best spanking device. It was always with me, and, most importantly, I could feel whether the spanking was too soft, too hard, or just right. Abd look at Amy Lynn - she is a perfectly adjusted child with no emotional side effects. Okay, so maybe she's not the best example, but that's not because of spankings, I'm sure! :)

Anonymous said...

When I read this I wondered, "what else would you use to spank him"? But Dan brings up a valid point. I think we used both hand and spoon depending on if we were home or not. I've always been too weak in the arms for my hand to do much.


Wren said...

I absolutely LOVE wooden spoons! I can't get enough of them :) (If they get too stained and yucky looking, I'll get new ones, but I kinda like it when they get that "broke in" look!) I think you should invest in some! :D

Amy Lynn said...

Thanks for your feedback!! I think I am definitely going to get me a few. At least to see how I like them! :)

Mrs. N. said...

I too love my wooden spoons. Use them all the time! Just bought some new ones at Crate & Barrel. :)