Sunday, July 19, 2009

North Carolina and The Big 400

First things first... thank you all for my birthday wishes!! Since we celebrated with both sides of the family last week, today didn't really feel like my birthday. I have been forgetting all day actually. But seeing your comments on my blog and facebook and the text messages during the day made me happy. So, thank you. :)


My hubby, son and I are currently in North Carolina! Yay! We drove 10 hours on Friday and spent a couple days with my Grandma, then we drove 5 hours today to get to another part of the state. Daniel is speaking at a youth retreat center here this week, so Z and I tagged along. We are completely exhausted, but cant wait for the camp to start. Zachariah is already having a blast running around and making friends with the "camp dogs".

But more on that later. Today and tomorrow I am going to post about our traveling day and our visit with my grandmother. THEN I will share more about camp.

Sound good?

I don't really care anyway. I am the birthday girl and I get to do whatever I want. :)

This trip is one of the many times that I am SOOOOO thankful we have a mini van. I am more than willing to get over the fact that I am way to cool to be cruising in a van for the space that comes with it. I mean, seriously. You can pack the heck out of this sucker.

Of course it helps to have a husband that has some type of magical packing skills. He seriously does an amazing job at packing the van. I mean, look at this thing! In this van is everything we (hubby, wife, and toddler) will need for the next week (including a crib and mattress). And then some. Because I pack lots of extra stuff... just to be on the safe side.

Luckily Zachariah took a nap during our 10 hour dive. It was only half an hour nap, but it was a nap none the less.

Here he is watching Winnie The Pooh ("ooh-ooh"). He was attempting to go to sleep by putting his giraffe blanket to his nose, but he didn't want to stop watching Pooh. So he played peek a boo for a while.

And not two minutes after I took that picture he fell asleep. My sweet little baby was so tired!!

Later on down the road (*snicker*) we got stuck in a traffic jam. Bla. That was no fun at all. But what can you do?

So while we were going ZERO miles an hour, I decided to take a picture of the traffic for you. You know, since you were just dying to see the cars lined up behind us.

Your can thank me later.


Oh, and you know what?? In all this craziness, I forgot to post a post saying that it was my 400th post! Sheesh. I am such a horrible blogger. Oh well.

Just for the record, this is my 103rd post. So you know, yay for me!


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Amanda said...

i've taken a picture like that before (mirror and cars) when i got my first speeding ticket :) hehe. used it for a school project.