Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Day...

was filled with lots of fun. I neglected housework (typical) and did not drag Zachariah on a single errand. We just had a fun, relaxing morning doing what Zachariah wanted to do. Without any time constraints whatsoever. And you know what? He was SUCH a happy camper all day long.

Oh, and I took a lot of pictures. Because I am a picture freak. So you are going to just have to bear with me. :)

We started the day eating breakfast on Zachariah's playroom furniture. But we moved it into the kitchen. He LOVED this and did really well staying in his chair. So we may try this again!
(and in case anyone is wondering... he is eating a scrambled egg, a whole wheat blueberry pancake and a whole wheat sweet potato pancake. With a side of juice. Yeah... he can put down some food.)

After breakfast we headed to the play room and played in there for a good hour. We played with his Little People toy (a new favorite), and then we dove into some coloring.

Though we have tons of coloring books, we like to color on this spiffy material that Daddy brings home from work. It covers over half the floor and Zachariah has a BLAST coloring all over it.
See? Doesn't that look fun?!? Oh how I love to color.

Anyway, after our coloring we decided to get dressed and head to the lake for a walk. I didn't bring my camera though, because I needed my hands free in case I had to protect my son from the killer geese. *shudder*

We ended the morning with some play time on Mommy and Daddy's bed (Another current favorite of Zachariah's).
And yes, I am pretty sure he is having a pillow fight with himself.
Crazy kid.

Hope your Thursday was just as great as ours! :)


jamie b said...

great pictures! i love this post! :) he and B need a playdate!

Anonymous said...

What is that last cute toy? He is so adorable. I'm glad you both had such a good day. Makes me want to quit so I can play too.

Rachael said...

what a seriously fun day, i think we need to have one around this house soon!

Anonymous said...

My grandson is the cutest! I love the last pic peeking out! You are so creative!
Love, Nana