Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Me!

I hit a monumental milestone today. To most people it will seem silly, but I took a huge step today. One that I have been dreading for MONTHS.

I left my son in nursery at church. For the first time. Ever.

Here is the thing. Up until he could crawl he would sit in church with us. He was quite the pleasant baby. Everyone would rave about how quiet and well behaved he was. And he truly did an amazing job. But once he started crawling he was NOT fine with sitting still anymore. He wanted to be on the go. At all times.

So I started taking him back to the nursery. And since he has not EVER stayed with anyone, except his grandparents, I was not about to leave him. (He had some separation issues as well. It took a while to grow out of that) And I didn't mind being back there. It was fun to see him play with new toys and occasionally interact with other kids.

Well, around his first birthday we had to stop going to church due to nap scheduling. Since we were going to a "new church", they didn't really have cribs in the nursery. And even if they did, Z wont sleep anywhere but his own crib anyway.

Since he now only takes one nap a day, the timing actually works to our advantage. So we decided to try going to this particular church again. I planned on staying in the nursery with him the whole time, but his back was turned to me just about the whole time I was in there! So I figured I would just go sit with my hubby and see how Zachariah would do (After being assured that the ladies would come get me if he started crying).

And you know what? He did great. No tears at all. He played his little heart out. He actually got a little angry that we made him leave the new toys!

No, I wasn't extremely attentive during the service. And yes, I kept checking my watch to see how long it had been since I left my baby... But we are making progress. And I couldn't have asked for better results as far as leaving him in the nursery went.

And that makes me happy. :)


Anonymous said...

Mimi is happy too!!!

Hayley. said...

yay! good job zac, and good job mom! :)