Wednesday, March 18, 2009

IKEA Rocks!

This weekend Daniel and I transformed our guest bedroom into a play room (I will post pictures of that once I completely finish. I still have some rearranging and organizing to do). One thing that I have been longing for, has been a toddler table and chairs. I was getting tired of our kitchen table being cluttered with play dough and coloring stuff. Fortunately, a friend of ours went to his local IKEA and picked up a table for us (he saved us a butt load in shipping). Isn't it the cutest toddler table you have ever seen? Its from the MAMMUT series. I would do Zachariah's whole room in that furniture if we had money coming out of our ears. :)
Zachariah studiously working on his laptop
I think its a keeper!!
More pictures to come soon. I just wanted to share my new favorite item in our house. :)
Happy Wednesday!


jamie b said...

that is the coolest table and chairs!!! i know you all 3 are so happy to have it :)

i wish we could turn our guest room in to a play room. how fun! we are really missing that extra room (the pit) we had in albany.

Tammi said...

I *heart* Ikea....
i'm going in April (by MYSELF - *bliss*) and I'm so excited. :)

Rachael said...

i love how serious he looks working on his laptop! that table is a favorite in our house.

amy said...

LOVE the table and chairs!! How cute!