Wednesday, April 08, 2009

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella (Ella Ella, eh eh eh)

Last week was pretty rainy. It rained for five or six days straight. I lost count. All the days kind of ran together. But Zachariah got in a very cute routine during that week.

Every morning when he would wake up he would point to the window and ask if it was raining (in his baby babble of course. but surprisingly I understood what he meant). Then when I told him it was he would immediately go searching for a toy umbrella that goes with one of his Little People toys. Once he located the umbrella he would go to the living room window and stand there with it over his head. Then he would put it over my head.

And just in case none of that made sense, I have a couple pictures for you. :)

And here he is wearing mommy's hat.
Still trying to keep dry, mind you. :)

He cracks me up.

Oh, and please excuse the use of the flash in the photos. The storms really made it difficult to take a decent picture. Thank goodness the sun is out again!


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable. Amazing the comprehension at this age with very little words to go along with it.


jamie b said...

that is so cute! glad you caught the moment on camera! :)