Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Heart Radio Flyer

I saw this bike in a Toys R Us magazine and I immediately fell in love. I want this for Zachariah so badly. I probably should wait until his second birthday to get it... but its going to be SO HARD for me to wait. I swear, as soon as I come across $50 I am hitting the stores. I think this Radio Flyer Tricycle is just so cool!

P.S. Is it normal for an adult to fall in love with toddler toys? Or should I delete this post immediately?


Rachael said...

i love it too, so of course i think it is normal :) my mom has decided to get all the little ones riding toys for their birthday so we have been hitting toys r us to see which ones they like. they look so cute + little on those big huge bikes {that are really tiny}!

jamie b said...

i love it too! our neighbor has one. he's so cute riding on it. of course he's 3 years old. bryan can't figure out the pedaling just yet.