Monday, April 27, 2009

Park Fun

Zachariah woke up a bit whiny. To be honest, he has been whiny and fussy all weekend. And since I just do NOT have the patience to be stuck inside with a whiny toddler today, we decided to go to the park. Much to our surprise there was some type of special event going on (still have no idea what it was called) and there were lots of fun activities that kept Zachariah "ooo-ing" and "ahh-ing".

He played in the bouncy thingy and loved it. He has never worked up the courage to get in one of these before... but since we got there right before the rush, he had the whole thing to himself! Until a school group came and almost trampled him. But I wont go into that in fear of the horrible things I would say about the so called "teacher" in charge of them.

After the stampede incident, we walked around and found some horses! Oh how he loved this. As soon as he saw these miniature horses he started making the "horse sound" and pointing vigorously. He would give the horse (named cricket) two pats on its back, then walk back to me with a proud look on his face. It was the cutest darn thing to watch.

There was also an animal show with some really cool lizards. He LOVED that. But the darn lady skipped right over him when she was letting all the kids pet the lizard. He was signing "please" with all his might. He was heartbroken when he realized he wasn't going to get to touch that lizard. :(

But he was a big boy and didn't shed a single tear. So we went over to the play ground and he had the whole place to himself... which cheered him right up! :)

Overall, it was a pretty good morning! And of course, anything that ends with my baby being a happy camper makes mommy a happy camper. :)

Happy Monday!


rachel freeman said...

so sweet. glad he got the playground to himself.

Rachael said...

my heart almost broke when you said the lady with the lizard skipped right over him, but that is awesome that he was such a good sport about it. what a fun day!

jamie b said...

i was sad for him about the lizard too. what a big boy he is to not cry!!

don't you love that tunnel thing? it makes the best pictures!

Anonymous said...

I need to speak to that lady, where is she, what's her name.

Anonymous said...

The horse pics make me smile! I wish I could come on these trips!