Friday, February 06, 2009

Water Battle of '09

Ever since the beginning of time, Zachariah has had a hatred for water. He just wont drink it. Every now and then when I trick him into taking a sip of it, he will just let it drool out of his mouth. I really wanted him to drink water in between meals so that he wont get so filled up on milk, but its been a losing battle.

Until I switched cups.
He will drink anything out of these straw cups. He LOVES them. They are cute, cheap, and actually spill proof. Thank you, Nuby!

And I absolutely love watching him drink out of it. The way his cute little cheeks and lips look as he is slurping through the straw. ADORABLE.

*And just FYI... I also put a few drops of lemon juice in the water so that it makes it a bit more appealing. I plan to wean him off of that one drop at a time though. :)

Have a great weekend!


rachel freeman said...

OOoh Amy LYnn you may just be my life saver. Evie won't drink ANY milk...formula, whole milk, skim, chocolate, name it. So I'm gonna give those cups a try. I'll keep ya posted and cross your fingers, maybe just maybe she'll begin to take milk out of them. Or guess I could try LEMON JUICE idea in the milk too. hahah

Rachael said...

my little ones adore straw sippies for their water as well!