Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am in desperate need of some creative ideas for entertaining a toddler. Indoors.
Coloring doesn't really keep his attention for long. He plays with his toys, but that gets old. And with it being rainy/cold we cant really do much outside.

So do any of you have some suggestions?? He is getting stir crazy which, in turn, makes me crazy. :)


Emily said...

Pull up a chair and fill the sink about 1/2 with water...give him some cups and spoons, bowls, etc and let him go at it. water is easy to clean up. i put towels on the floor and it keeps mine occupied for about an hour sometimes.
you can put a ton of rice in there as well if you don;t want the water mess. i'm on the lookout for a water table so i can just put towels on the kitchen floor and then also use the rice in the table (w/0 the water).
also, you can come to playgroup on thursdays if you want with me! invitation is open. today we are at no limitz gymnastics and we have the whole place to ourselves. they can run and jump and climb to their hearts content. email me and i'll send you a schedule

Tammi said...

I've got a book of 101 Ideas for Toddlers or something.....I'll try to remember to drop it off tomorrow when i pick up aj from school....

Rachael Schirano \\ Rachael Schirano Photography said...

play-doh, forts, a bowl of water, bath time in the middle of the day, finger painting, we are learning out letters right now, chalk board?, dance party

that's all i can think of for the moment...

Amy Lynn said...

Emily- Fantastic idea!! I am definitely going to try that... once I clean the dishes out of my sing. lol

Tammi- Oh that would be awesome. I will be home all morning!

Rachel- I haven't braved play-dough yet. I need to do that! I just have to get over my fear of him eating it all. :)

Tammi said...

I made edible paint for Owen once.

And by paint I mean...pudding.

I just put a few drops of food coloring in it.
Put some in some bowls and then lay out a big piece of butcher paper, or poster board, or cardboard, or whatever. He'll have fun smooshing it around and if he eats it - no big deal.

another great one for babies (or even kids) a giant cardboard box. Seriously, sometimes you can find them outside lowe's...or if you're like me, swipe it from the neighbors who got a new fridge (LOL), cut some doors and windows....HOURS of fun.