Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Other News...

It has been a while since I have posted a "Zachariah update". Since it is long overdue, this will probably be a bit lengthy. So I apologize ahead of time. :)

Age- First things first. He is 15 months old today. I cannot believe he is this old! He has turned into such a fun little toddler. This is SUCH a fun stage! I absolutely love it.

Teeth- The official teeth count is now up to four. Yes. my 15 month old son only has four teeth. So that means that I still have to cut things up into smaller pieces than a typical one year old would be eating. Which is fine, because I have been doing this for a while now. But eventually we need some more teeth in that mouth! :)

Walking- This kid is EVERYWHERE. I am sure you have gathered that from some of my other posts dealing with toilet paper and diapers. So yeah. It keeps things interesting around here to say the least. :)

Communication- Z's vocabulary seems like it is increasing daily. I love it. The words that he says on a regular basis are: bye-bye, ball, momma or mom, dad or dadda, up, this, juice, and penguin (see the next paragraph). His occasional words are: thanks, Daniel (we think this is coincidence, but its still funny), bath, and squirrel (at least its very close to squirrel). He is still doing sign language as well (eat, more, all done, milk, please). And this is by no means sign language, but when he has pooped in his diaper, he will either pat or pull at it, trying to say poop... which is helpful. So between the words and signing, its getting easier to decide what he needs/wants.

Obsessions- Now on to one of my favorite things about my son. He is completely obsessed with penguins. And since penguins are my all time favorite animal, I love that he loves them! He has several penguin stuffed animals, but his all time favorite is Mumble from Happy Feet. Every time he sees it he gets the biggest smile on his face and gives it a huge hug. Its ADORABLE. Whats funny though, is that he calls penguins "ba". Yeah... I don't know. Our guess is that he is trying to say bird. Regardless, he will walk around the house looking for his penguin saying "ba". It cracks me up.

Well, that's about the gist of it. My kid is growing up way to fast. The end. :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Marie Keefe said...

I really think he said "Pull" today.
And I still need to learn some more signs!!!

rachael said...

happy 15 months!

tammi said...

Too cute!
Love the new blog header! looks like you're getting good use from that backdrop. :)

Amy Lynn said...

Tammi- Thanks!! That backdrop is amazing. The next purchase we make will probably be one of those. Thanks for letting me use it. :)

jamie b said...

i love the penguins and I love your new blog design! too cute!

rachel freeman said...

that is adorable! how exciting it must be with him sharing all those words with you. I love the penguin picture.