Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Saga

The weekend before Christmas I finished the Twilight Saga. I really don't know what to say about it. Words cannot express how much I loved these books. The only thing I knew going into these books was that it was about a Vampire and a human girl that ended up falling in love. That's it. I almost wish I had been emotionally prepared for what I was getting into... but then again, it was super fun to not know what the next page would bring.

I don't think I could fully explain to you how emotionally involved with these characters I became. I stressed out about certain situations that Bella was going to have to encounter. I actually started to make myself sick over certain things. Yes, I know that is pitiful and ridiculous... but once I realized that I was becoming a problem I started talking it out with Daniel. And that made a world of difference in my moods.

ANYWAY. Each book took me about 2-3 days to read. I am so glad it didn't take me much longer, because I was NO GOOD when I was in the middle of a book. I seriously had to take breaks between the books because I would get so wrapped up in them that I would neglect house work, supper (I didn't cook for at least a week) and family time. There might have even been an incident where Zachariah dropped our laptop while I was reading the fourth book. But the details are a little foggy.

All of that rambling to say that I absolutely loved these books, and I am so incredibly glad I jumped on the bandwagon. :)


jamie b said...

yay! i'm glad to hear it! i started the first book sunday night late and am half way through. unfortunately bryan didn't nap like i wanted him to yesterday so i couldn't read more. :)

Liz said...

Hey AmyLynn I'm glad you commented on my page so I could find my way to yours! I just finished twilight myself I was totally engrossed in these people. I saw the move after finishing the book, don't bother! I am dying to get to the next one! I think I have a crush on a vampire....again! :)

amy said...

I'm so glad you loved them!! Now, you really should go to Stephanie Meyers' website, and read the beginning of Midnight Sun. It's book #1 written from Edward's point of view. Great stuff!!!!

Anonymous said...

Almost done with #4... I'm a little obsessed as well.
The writing is AMAZING...
and everything is turning out like I hoped so I'm stoked about the story line.

We should definitely have a little discussion group?!?!

tammi said...

they ARE good, aren't they??

Casey has been at our house in body, but not in spirit the last few days and he's DEVOURING the book and not speaking or talking to anyone. :)

They're addicting....I was actually GLAD when i was finished with them so I could move on with my LIFE. LOL :)

Marie Keefe said...

I just started the first book. i wish I had a Christmas break to read it. This is when I miss college!!

Hayley. said...

I am ALMOST done with the first book. I am taking my time with them...mainly because I have such a crazy schedule! But I am surprised at how involved I have gotten! I definitely did not think I would enjoy them as much as I have!