Monday, December 08, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Yes. This weekend I jumped on the bandwagon and read Twilight.

I am going to be honest. I never even knew there was a book called Twilight until after I had heard about the movie. And even when I did figure out what it was about, I wasnt really eager to read about a teen girl who was falling in love with a vampire. Things that are that far fetched usually dont interest me. Then again, I LOVED Harry Potter, and that doesnt exactly deal with reality either.

ANYWAY. All that to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really wanted read it all in one day, but having a one year old craving attention kind of got in the way of my reading time. But I am glad it only took me a couple days to read it, because it consumed my every thought until I finished it. (I don't do to well with suspense.)

What do you guys think about the other books in the series? Are they as good as the first one?


amyn said...

In my humble opinion, no. I absolutely hated the first half of the second book, although I'm not going to tell you why. Book three was okay, and I honestly thought the ending in the last book got a bit predictable and cheesy. However, I can say that I enjoyed the whole series because I fell so in love with some of the characters. There is an online version (because it was leaked) of Midnight Sun, which is a companion book (told from Edward's viewpoint, not Bella's) of book 1. I've read most of it and liked it a lot. Cassie has read the entire series twice now (well almost, maybe 100 pages left in #4) and has been just as absorbed the second time. If you can get your hands on the books without having to buy them, I'd say go for it!!

tammi said...

I don't think #2 and #3 were as good as the first one, but I had to read all of them because I like for a story to have closure.
#4 took a turn that I didn't expect, but I thought it was still interesting, and almost as good as #1.
I've said before that the books are "fluffy" and just an enjoyable read without depth, but I WILL say that the author is a GOOD writer - if only because she makes you fall in love with the characters. The plotlines are fairly predictable, the dynamics of the relationships are unrealistic....but she really can make you feel like you KNOW the characters.
Potentially embarassing Confession: As I read the climax of book #4 I had to take occasional breaks because the "action" of the climax physically affected me. I felt my heart beating faster and my nerves tremble as the characters met their final fates.
I can recall VERY few times where a BOOK has affected me like that. Good writing I say, when you feel like you're standing right beside the main characters. :)

I've got the rest if you want to read more. :)

Marie Keefe said...

I saw the movie last night.. and LOVED it. Now I really want to read the books. The movie was just so good, but I've heard the books are far better.

Marie Keefe said...
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