Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One Hernia, Coming Up

Zachariah is under the impression that he is the strongest one year old around. He will try (and most of the time succeed) to pick up heavy objects and tote it over to me or Daniel. He is so proud of himself when he "helps" by carrying things. His favorite thing to carry happens to be packs of diapers. He makes a funny little grunting sound and his facial expression cracks me up. Daniel keeps saying that he is going to give himself a baby hernia. *insert eye roll here*

So now, without further adieu... here is a video of the cuteness (Please ignore his messy room).


jamie b said...

Precious! He IS so strong. I love that he wanted to keep playing that game. :)

rachael said...

that is just so cute, i love the sounds he makes as he picks it up! what a strong little guy :)

Hayley. said...

I love it. He is working hard! I'm thinking...body building is in his future.