Thursday, December 04, 2008

Yes. I am Amazing.

If you know me personally, you know that I am not the perfect little housewife. I am not domestic. And I am a lazy slob.

Well, you bloggers might be pleased to know that I have started making homemade bread! Someone gave me a kick butt bread maker, and I love it. I am making Zachariah whole wheat bread and next I plan to try Cinnimon Rasin. I have a large recipie book that came with the breadmaker, so I have a lot of experiementing to do!

Cute videos of Z coming soon! I just wanted to let you know of the temporary domestication that has consumed me. But no worries. I am still lazy... and a slob. I am sure this will pass soon enough. :)


jamie b said...

you are amazing! i would have never thought i'd want a bread maker, but i do now!

tammi said...

Jamie - I have a breadmaker you can HAVE. It's a little only makes small loaves (not practical in a house with 3 bread-loving boys and 1 carb-loving man!)

A.L. - funny because a couple weeks back I went on a bread making CRAZE. Like, no bread machine - I made it the old fashioned way...kneading, yeast, the whole sha-bang. It was an insane 3 days. Our freezer is full of bread.
Good thing because I am SO over it now. LOL :)

Hayley. said...

ooh I'm on my way over right now :)

Marie Keefe said...

Bring some over!!!!!

Amy Lynn said...

Right now I only have some Whole Wheat and regular white bread. Let me get creative with some Cinnamon Rasin or something and I may run over and share the yumminess. :)

jamie b said...

Tammi-I might take you up on that offer!