Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Zachariah Patrol

Earlier this morning I was sitting on my bed talking to Daniel on the phone. Well, I wasn't really talking. I was more so whining/complaining/crying about how I cant find a receipt to some pants that I want to return. (It has been one of those mornings.)

Anyway, during the phone conversation Zachariah had been in and out of my room and his room, switching out our belongings. But as soon as I hung up I realized that I didn't hear him bustling around anymore (That is NEVER a good sign). Almost immediately I realized where he was and went stomping down the hallway. I was already getting onto him in my best "You-have-no-idea-how-much-trouble-you-are-in" voice, and turns out I should have used my "Mommy-would-spank-your-butt-if-it-wasn't-for-that-darn-diaper" voice.
I was livid. And he was ecstatic. He has never been able to successfully unroll the whole entire roll of toilet paper. He has tried, but those darn parents have gotten in the way every time. So needless to say, he was in baby heaven. Until he saw how pissed Mommy was. (And I still haven't cleaned up that mess. I just piled the toilet paper on top of the toilet. Daniel is going to have a nice little surprise when he gets home. LOL)

Soon after the "toilet paper party" we were in the living room watching Elmo's World. I was sitting on the couch, apparently off in my own little world, when I hear a trash can tip over behind me. And yet again, I march over and find Zachariah enjoying a nice little "trash can party".

I am not pointing any fingers, but SOMEONE is falling down on "Zachariah Patrol" today. And if they keep it up this house may be a wreck by the time Daniel gets home.


Anonymous said...

Funny, Jasmine does these same things!!


Amy Lynn said...

HAHA! Well, that just means that we need to keep that dog away from my son! She is a bad influence on him!! :)

rachael said...

heehee :)

tammi said...

Wait till he figures out that if he pushes the lever on the side of the toilet, that it will FLUSH.
And he starts flushing large objects down the toilet and you have to call a plumber and write away a large check to have them unhook the toilet from the floor, and fish the toy out of the plumbing lines.

Hypothetically speaking, that is.