Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So grown up

I was cleaning Zachariah's closet today and found his infant to toddler rocker. So naturally I couldn't help but put him in it (which he wasn't too happy with) and compare pictures of when he was a teeny baby. He spent the first three months of his life sleeping in this because of his congestion. So, we grew pretty close to this little chair. It is crazy to see how much he has grown. If it wasn't for the pictures, I wouldn't believe he was ever this tiny! And he is just going to get bigger and bigger. How do you stop them from growing up so fast?!

2 weeks old

9 months old


Hayley. said...

Wow. He was so tiny! Awww...but at least he just gets cuter with age! :)

jamie b said...

isn't it crazy?!?! he is so cute amy lynn!

Amy Lynn said...

Aw thanks Jamie! :)