Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Favorite TV Show

I am totally hooked on America's Got Talent. It comes on NBC on Tuesday nights at 9:00, and I will be watching it each and every Tuesday. Last night was the first episode, and they had some pretty crappy people on there. But the few good ones were absolutely phenomenal.

This one has a intro that is a bit long, but totally worth it. These brothers are so incredibly talented.

This is a 4 year old little girl named Kaitlyn and she is by far the most precious girl I have ever seen. I almost cried my eyes out when I was watching last night. (this video is much shorter than the last)

If you have some time to kill, I would recommend going to the website and watching the recaps. They will probably do a good job of entertaining you.


amy said...

We got hooked on AGT last summer. All four of us would watch it. Riley really got into it. I think Sharon Osbourne is my favorite. I love to watch/listen to her on the show. She seems so could someone like that marry OZZY???

tammi said...

I hate that show....mostly because I LOATHE David Hasselhoff. He's seriously makes me insane and I can't stand to watch him for more than 2.5 seconds before I throw up in my mouth.

tammi said...

Now that I got THAT off my chest. phew.

The little girl....not so much *gag, gag* but those 2 guys with the violins...AMAZING.

Amy Lynn said...

Amy-I am with you. I adore Sharon. And I am equally confused as to how she ended up with Ozzy... but I guess opposites really do attract. lol

Tammi- David Hasselhoff gets on my nerves too. But I love Piers Morgan, so it kindof balances it out for me.
And boo on you for not liking the cutest girl ever.