Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feeling Generous?

I decided this morning that I desperately need a laptop. The way I see it, I would get a lot more stuff done around the house if I owned one of these. You see, the only time I get on the computer is during Zachariah's nap time. (That is because he acts like a booty if I leave him for more than a few seconds.) So I figured if I had a laptop I could check my blogs, email, and facebook all while being in the room with my son so he isn't screaming. Therefore freeing up nap times to clean the house, do dishes, prepare dinner, take care of my personal hygiene, etc... You see what I am getting at? The whole world would benefit from this. Well maybe not the whole world, but my family would.

That being said, does anyone have a spare laptop laying around??


1 comment:

Hayley. said...

No but I DO have a spare desktop :)

And I bet your Dad has a NICE Toshiba from the good ole High School days he could loan you! haha