Wednesday, June 25, 2008

America's Still Got Talent

We watched America's Got Talent again last night, and I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't as good as last weeks episode, but I guess that is to be expected. There were quite a few acts that made it to the next level that I didn't think should have even come close to making it. The boy band wanna be, colorful cowboys and Grinder Girl for example. But they didn't ask me to be one of the judges, so I guess it doesn't too much matter what I think.

There was this one act that was absolutely amazing though. It is the Russian Bar Trio, and I find myself gaping at the screen every time I watch it.

And this one is for my dad... :)

Tune in next week for another review of America's Got Talent!!!
(said in my best game show host voice)


Hayley. said...

Okay so i tivo-ed it and watched it tonight to see what all the fuss was about....i definitely agree with you. the Grinder girl?? WTF. That took no talent whatsoever. And the boy band couldnt sing at all. I dont think the family was even good. But I'm not gonna lie, Elvis made my heart skip a beat. But maybe thats just because I was born in the wrong decade...

Lazerwolf said...

Hey Puddin! Thanks for thinking of me with the Elvis clip. That guy did a great impersonation. Of course, I could do that too if I had his outfit, his youth, and his voice...oh - and his hair! :)

The Russian Bar Trio was unbelievable. One question though, how can a Russian act show that America has talent?

Love ya!