Friday, June 20, 2008

9 months old... and all is well

The past couple of weeks have been FULL of milestones for Mr. Zachariah Alan. So I am going to take a few moments to tell you all about his accomplishments!

Zachariah has been eating table foods on a pretty regular basis. We have just about stopped the baby food… except for one jar at dinner. (I haven’t tried him on a lot of table food meats… so we need to get the protein somehow!) His all time favorite table foods consist of mango, yogurt, green beans, and egg yolks. But there isn’t a food that I have given him that he wont eat. So that’s a plus!

Another one of Z's accomplishments as of late has been his communication. We have been teaching him baby sign language, and he has been able to recognize quite a few signs. But he officially did his first one ("more") a few weeks ago. He has learned to communicate that he wants to be picked up by raising his arms up in the air, and he has started to wave “bye- bye” (I love the backwards wave!!!). But be warned… he has to be in the perfect mood to do it on cue. So don’t expect him to start automatically waving next time you see him. :) Also along the communication lines, Zachariah has come SO incredibly close to saying his first word. There are three words that are competing for the “first word” title… and I am honestly not sure which one will win. Its between mama, dada, and up! Its extra cute when he tries to say “up” cause all he can do is the “puh” sound. I absolutely love it.

And last but not least… his mobility. He started to roll wherever he wanted to go, and that was hilarious. But as of last Thursday, my little man started to crawl!!! (I will post a video soon) He acted like he was a pro from the get-go. It was as if he had been practicing in his crib for a few weeks and all of a sudden felt like showing us what he could do. So we have spent the past few days baby-proofing the house and chasing Z around. It really is a rude awakening when I sit him down with some toys, turn around and before I know it, he is underneath the computer chair I am sitting in. Ugh. But it’s cute, he loves being mobile, and I think it will help his cranky attitude he has adopted recently. (I wonder where he gets that from?) Now all we need to do is work on this dadgum clinginess. *Sigh*

Oh! One more thing. He is starting to get his balance while holding onto things. No pulling up on furniture or anything, but I can stand him up and he perches for a while. He looks like such a little man when he is standing!


jamie b said...

go big Z!! I know you are so proud of his milestones.

I just wanted to tell you that being clingy is totally normal! some babies are more than others and my little man is EXTREMLY clingy! :\

Danny104 said...

atta boy Zach

TrishandJohn said...

So much fun! They grow so much these last months leading up to a year. Aubrey is crawling and pulling up on everything. Just this week she found the stairs and climbed them all, of course us behind her. Just a note: a great source of protein is tofu. I mix it with her cereal or any other vegetable we give her. You can also give it to them in sticks cause it is soft. Just a wanted to let you know since Z isn't eating a lot of meat. Your yogurt also have protein in it. Z is a cutie and it sounds like you guys are having fun!

rachel freeman said...

Whoa....he sure is growing up fast. Good luck mama keeping up with him crawling around. Congrats on getting him not to be a picky eater!

Stephanie said...

So cute! They are so fun at this age when they start doing all kinds of new things! Congratulations! Enjoy every minute - it goes by soooo fast! Hey - if you ever wanted to invest.... our friends had a sign language set of dvd's that we borrowed that Hudson LOVED - I think they were called "Signing Time". I think I am going to buy them to have , since we are having another one here in a little bit!

Amy Lynn said...

Jamie- It is nice to know that I am not the only one with a clingy child. :)

Trish- Thanks for the tofu recommendation! I am going to give that a try!

Stephanie- I will definitely look into those DVD's. It sounds like something we would be interested in. Thanks!! :)

tammi said...

Tyler digs tofu too!

Z is getting so big! Time for another one! :)