Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family Joys

Today I had my 4th and final Thanksgiving shindig. Basically every Sat. after Thanksgiving every living person on my Mom's side of the family comes over to my Grandparents house. Tons of good food is brought with everyone of course. Anyway, this is our one time a year to get to see everyone. So I decided to share my pictures of me and my cousins. The picture to your left includes all the cousins that were in attendance today. Some of them are first cousins, second cousins, step cousins... i am not sure how we are all related... all we know is we have grown up together and most of them are pretty cool to hang out with. The next picture is me and my sister and our cousin Ashley (i am pretty sure she is a 2nd cousin). We got bored sitting inside with the "adults" so we ventured outside to a local tree stump. The next picture is me and my sister and my actual cousin, Miranda. We were balanced on this lovely tree stump for quite a long time while everyone ran over to take our picture. Either we were really cute, or really silly looking. Regardless, we almost toppled off that thing.
Last but not least, we have all of the female "cousins" in one way shape or form.
Ok folks, that all of my lame blogging. I will return again soon for more of this lame blogging when i have pictures of my anniversary trip.

Ta Ta For Now


Danny104 said...

Yeah its suprising that we actually have some cool cousins, haha. Jamie is getting so pretty, how old is she? (yay the comment worked this time)

Amy Lynn said...

i am pretty sure she is 16. and your cousin. keep that in mind here buddy.