Monday, November 13, 2006


Every Sunday night my brother and sister come over to our house and we partake in what we like to call, our Star Wars Saga. Now, this saga has been going on for a total of 6 weeks now... We started at the very beginning and just finished Return of the Jedi last night. While the Jedi was indeed returning, my love for Ewoks was rekindled.

For those of you who are not Star Wars fans... Let me explains what an "Ewok" is. Ewok's are cute, adorable furry creatures that live on the mood Endor. They stand approximately one meter tall and travel in packs. They are very old timy. They use slings, hangliders, spears made out of sticks... And so forth. Most Ewoks live high among the trees of Endor's forests, in villages built between the closely spaced trees. Ewoks venture to the forest floor to hunt, and set traps to catch various prey. Here is what the Ewok's villages look like.

All that to say, I am in love with Ewoks. Oh what I would do for an Ewok. When Daniel and I have a kid, we are going to dress him or her up as an Ewok and made them walk around with me just so I can live out my dream. But for now, I am going to settle with a stuffed Ewok. These two pictures are the Ewoks that I am hopefully getting from Santa Clause. The first one is Wicket, and the second one is his friend with benefits, Princess Kneesaa.

On another note... am I the only one that was surprised that Princess Leia could look this seductive? I mean, honestly. I would show you a picture of her in chains with Jabba the Hut, but because I would like to keep my job for a while, I will refraine.


tammi said...

I find ewoks both cute and frightening at the same time. I think it's the way they walk - it's more of a waddle, and i find it disturbing.

Amy Lynn said...

ok, well i can see how their waddle can be disturbing... but i still bubble over with excitement and a longing to own one! maybe this could be called an obsession. oops

Danny104 said...

An Ewok would be the ultimate pet. It has the cute looks, but is smarter than a dog. So you could train him to do tricks and chores for you. If only we could get to Endor...tisk, tisk.

Amy Lynn said...

I am sure that you could build me a contraption that would get to Endor.... right?? please!!!