Friday, November 03, 2006

Mommy Ring


My husband is the greatest. I have known that ever since we have been dating, but the past few weeks have made me fall even more in love with him than I thought possible.


When we got married, Daniel claimed he wanted seven kids (yeah I laughed too) and so after much deliberation, he settled with having four. (yet again, bringing laughter from within me) So I jokingly told him that he would have to buy me diamond jewelry for every child that I had. Tuesday we lost the baby and he gave me this. Its my mommy ring.


Yeah, he is the best.


Steve said...

I would certainly agree. It was an amazing gesture...We were so glad to have you guys over last night...we enjoy your company....We also LOVE our new coach..Thanks so much...Have a fun night.

Amy Lynn said...

We had a fun time thursday as well. It was good to get out of the house and get some social skills back. :) and you are welcome for the couch! Have a good rest of the weekend!

tammi said...

Yeah, he's a keeper. :)

And while it took me about 45 seconds to ponder who the new coach was, I realized he meant the COUCH, and I totally agree.

I'm fairly certain that they don't give spelling tests to college English graduates, although maybe they should start. :)

See you guys soon! Let's hang out sometime this week, okay?

Amy Lynn said...

We should deffinately hang out! You just let me know when is good for you and I will be good to go! :)