Friday, December 01, 2006

Classroom Doors

As you all already know, I teach K3. Its not an extremely easy job, but I LOVE it. One thing I do not love is the fact that I have to change my door every month. We have to change it to either the holiday, or unit we are studying... basically just change whats on the outside of it so it looks cute and interesting every month. So last year me and one of my fellow coworkers decide to start painting things and putting them up on our doors. we had the cutest doors ever. This year another K3er gets in on the painting idea... so we all get in competition mode. Both of my competitors painted. One painted carolers singing with the saying "sing praises unto the lor", the other painted a snow scene with a Christmas tree and baby Jesus laying in a trough underneath the tree with the saying, "Don't Forget the True Gift of Christmas". I had three main beefs with this particular door. 1) Since people are brown nosers, they try to be all spiritual with their doors. Putting Jesus under a Christmas Tree as a baby was dumb. Jesus wasnt born on December 25th. The Bible never says that date. Someone picked December 25th to celebrate His birth. 2) On this door, He is put under a tree in the winter time with snow coming down. He could freeze. 3) the saying is a ball of cheese. just gag me. Ok, i am done. On with my story.
What was I going to paint? Nothing. This month I decided to rise above painting. I went 3D.

I don't want to brag or anything... but:
I traced and cut out a bazillion hand prints from the kids in my classroom. I single handedly curled every finger on those hands and pieced each of those hands together to make over 15 rows of hands. I cut out 60 tiny lights from construction paper. I copied and cut out 25 ornament patterns and had the kids color and glitter them. I copied and cut out 8 items that would go under a Christmas tree (presents, rocking hoarse, teddy bear) and had each kid color one of those. I put "Merry Christmas" over my door, instead of a cheese ball saying. All in all, I spent over a week and a half on this door. And what do I have to show for it?
A freakin awesome door, thats what.

So I dont have a "spiritual" door. I have a sinking cute one.


Anonymous said...

I love your door especially since it contains my baby's handprint and name!


tammi said...'s cute alright....until the juvie-bound 4 year old from down the hall walks over and yanks off about 18 handprints, right from the middle of the tree. :)

Amy Lynn said...

Ginny- Thanks! Camryn may have told you, but every single one of those handprints are hers. She was the only one awake during nap on the day i decided to start on it. So i stole her hand for tracing.(plus, her had was the smallest and cutest)

Tammi- yeah, that part i am dreading. And believe you me, I have warned every class about touching my door... but its bound to happen. And when it does, I will at least have something good to blog about. :)

Anonymous said...

juvie bound...i love tammi!
i love the door, its adorable!

Danny104 said...

I would say that the door is very cute, but thats not very manly. So...nice door Amy Lynn, keep up that Christmas spirit!

Anonymous said...

it is fantastic...and just be glad that you are INSIDE & can have kids walk by and SEE your door!!!!!

Danny104 said...

Yeah, sorry about that. Thats just how the cookie crumbles! If its any consolation, I will take pictures of you with it.