Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hobby Anyone?

I need a hobby. I get so bored when Daniel works the closing shift. Since I am no good at entertaining myself, I need some possible hobbies. I tried scrapbooking in middleschool, but that only lasted for a week or so. Daniel told me to take up building model rockets then launching them... But that's no fun to do by yourself. So anyone got any ideas??

gosh I need a life


tammi said...

knitting? stamp-collecting? horticulture? bird-watching? home-shopping network professional? Oh wait, then you'd be a crazy cat lady.

Wanna join the gym with me? :)

tammi said...

oh...and....: is my email

Amy Lynn said...

daniel wont let me join a gym again. i still have a membership that expires on the 11th of this month.... I only went a total of seven times. He has put me on Gym Restriction. :)