Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tu-Tle Outfit

Lets just face it. You are not going to see any more birthday party pictures on the blog. You will just have to mosey on over to my facebook page next week and check them out. For some reason I cannot stay on task to save my life. I apologize. But have no fear! I have a cute little story to start off your Thursday morning. :)

My parents (Nana and Pops) bought Zachariah a cute little outfit on their 25th anniversary cruise this year. Every single time we open his closet he pulls out this outfit and looks for a turtle. Let me go ahead and tell you that there is NO turtle to be found anywhere on this outfit. I have searched this thing over quite a few times. So either he is imagining a turtle or he thinks a turtle should be on there somewhere. I am not sure which it is.

Yesterday I told Zachariah that he could pick out what he wanted to wear for the day. Anything in the closet was fair game. Upon hearing th enews, he ran over to the closet and as soon as my hand was on the doorknob he yelled "Tu-tle! Tu-tle!". Then he proceeded to move every piece of clothing to the side until he found the "tu-tle" outfit. And then he admired himself in the mirror. For at least five minutes.

Look at his face. Do you see him ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at himself?

And then he has to turn to the side. He doesn't miss an inch when he is checking himself out. This kid cracks me right up.

He is so proud that he picked out and is wearing his "tu-tle" outfit. I am just a little worried that he will now pick it as his outfit for the rest of the week! :)


jamie b said...

now that is a cute outfit! i love how he checks himself out in the mirror. too adorable!!!

bryan has one tie dyed shirt that he ALWAYS wants to wear. it seems like all of the pictures i've taken since June, he's beein in that shirt. haha!

Lazerwolf said...

That boy is stylin' - Nana & Pops have great taste in turtle outfits!! :)

If I looked that good in anything, I'd probably stay glued to the mirror too!!

Raine said...

I love it! Being a turtle lover myself, I can sympathize with him wanting a turtle outfit. :) He has the widest range of facial expression I've ever seen on a kid...keep it up, Z!

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad it still fits and he likes it! So Cute!


Anonymous said...

It is adorable on him!!
However, I understand your concern. Christie wore a Care Bear dress every day for a while. It was cute but not that cute!!!


JoSh said...

That is too cute!! He is adorable.