Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So I lied. I know I said that my next post would have more pictures of the birthday festivities, but I have been feeling like poo here recently. There is something about having a stuffy nose and head that just makes sitting at the computer less appealing.

But have no fear. I bought some ZICAM yesterday and it seems to be helping. As with most sinus issues, mornings and evenings are the worst parts of the day. Luckily Zachariah has found ways entertain himself in the mornings. As long as I park it in the playroom, he just plays around me. Its actually quite humorous to watch.

Here is where I have set up camp for the past few days. This is the only wall not clogged with toys or tables and chairs. So I just lay here and let Z bring the toys to me. Then around 11:00 my head has cleared enough to sit up and play with my poor kid. Though you can bet that housework is pretty much out of the question while I am like this. Oh darn. :)

Anyway. All that to say that I will be up and running again soon! Hope everyone has a more productive day that I will!


JoSh said...

Aww, I hope you feel better!!!

jamie b said...

looks like you have a nice perch to lay on. hope you get better soon. zicam is a wonder drug!