Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Painting Project

About a month ago Zachariah and I embarked on another painting project. Even though I have been horrible about blogging pictures of the projects, I have actually been doing one each month and Z has been loving it!

Mimi and Poppie recently did some rearranging and made one of their bedrooms into a playroom for the grand kids! So we decided to paint a picture frame that they could use to decorate the playroom. :) After I painted a base coat, I let Zachariah pick out the colors he wanted to use. Then we went to work!

(Note: With the exception of the base coat, Zachariah did this all by himself. I did not tell him where to paint, or what color to paint. Mr. Big Boy made all of the executive decisions)

First up was the color blue. As you can tell, Zachariah is quite serious about his painting. :)

After a brush change, came the color orange.

Then green...

You get the idea. It took a couple days to complete this project because of all the colors Zachariah wanted to use, but it turned out wonderfully!

Don't you think? :)

*sigh* I love when I take the time to let him be creative. I need to do that more often.

Birthday pictures coming soon!


Raine said...

He did great!! I love how well he spread around the colors. It's very happy. :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!! You should all see it with the pic of Zac hanging in the playroom. I got a matching frame for Z's cousin, Collin to paint when he's a little older. Looking forward to more paintings from Z!!


jamie b said...

it's a masterpiece for sure! love it!

Hayley. said...

aww Hayley wants one!!!! :)
He is good!