Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Cake Eating

You have already seen the wonder that was the birthday cake, so now its time for me to show you the eating of the cake!

Zachariah was not to sure what to think of everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to him. It kind of weirded him out a bit. But then this weekend when everyone sang to my grandmother for her birthday, he acted like it was for him!

Silly boy.

And here he is blowing out his candles... or at least an attempt at it. The cake was still a mile away from him. I guess this was his test run?

Here is the first big bite of his scrumptious Blues Clues cake! I love the closed eyes. He must have been savoring every bite of that cake.

And because I can't get enough of cake eating pictures...

Oh, what? You want to see more???

Fine. But only because you asked so nicely.

And that concludes the cake eating portion of his birthday! Pictures of the rest of the party will be showing up on the next blog post. :)


Raine said...

Oh, darn. He didn't get any in his hair. *wink* ;)

tammi nowack said...

That looks delicious.

Great, now I want cake.