Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh The Drama

The past couple days have been CRAZY. But I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, so I now have a little time to blog about my freak accident.

To make a long story short, Zachariah scratched my eyeball. Yes. That's right. He scratched my freaking eyeball. The poor kid didn't mean to hurt his mommy. In fact he was oblivious to the whole entire thing. We were just watching TV and all of a sudden he got excited about Winnie The Pooh, causing his hand to fly in front of my face. Which somehow resulted in his fingers being shoved into my eye. Which led to me crying in pain for the next three hours before decided I needed to go to the doctor.

Seriously, it hurt like crap. It took me 10 min. to even be able to open my eyes. I was expecting blood to be pouring down my face. (Yes, I tend to overreact a bit.) It really was excruciating pain.

So this happened around noon and I ended up at the eye doctor about three hours later. I really wish I could show you what the doctor showed Daniel. I hear it was pretty remarkable. When looking through their microscope you could see my scratch. And boy was it one heck of a scratch. It was 4mm long and 2mm wide, starting in my pupil and ending in my iris. Apparently it was in the shape of a banana. I really wish I had a picture of that.

Anyway. My vision was messed up pretty bad. They gave me some magic eye drops and a contact lens that acted as a band aid (which was pretty cool) and I was quickly on the road to recovery. My eye literally healed overnight. It was pretty amazing.

My vision will be blurry for up to two weeks, but I am thrilled there is no permanent damage. With the scratch being in the pupil, it was a serious possibility.

And now for a picture. I am ONLY going to show you this if you promise not to look closely at my eyebrows. Promise? Seriously, you have to promise. Okay, good. I am going to hold you to this.

See how dilated my darn eye is? And red. And puffy. I wish I could have opened them a bit more. But the sun was killing me.

Oh, and just in case your wondering... yes, that is actually a picture of my eyes. Yes, I am aware my eyebrows resemble a mans eyebrows. And yes, I am going to rectify that soon. I don't seem to have a lot of time on my hands to tend to the caterpillars. Don't judge me.

Anyway. my vision should be completely normal in a couple weeks. And if you have actually read this far then you deserve a cookie. Seriously, tell me what your favorite cookie is and I will get it to you.



Anonymous said...

You are too funny! You know that you aren't suppose to out in the sun when your eyes have been dilated silly! I'm glad you are getting better! I'll eat any cookie you bake for me!

jamie b said...

You crack me up about your eyebrows. I never would have looked at them if you didn't say anything. hahahahaha!

your eye looks painful! :( i guess you gotta watch for flailing arms! :)

Amanda said...

Peanutbutter and chocolate chip cookies please!

p.s.- with your eyes being different sizes it reminds me of the bad guy from a knights tale...