Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Addition

Blog friends, meet Mr. Ducky.
Mr. Ducky, meet my blog friends.
Good. Now that everyone has met, we can move onto the cuteness that is my son. :)

Zachariah received this duck in his Easter basket from Mimi and Poppie. Ever since the nap time after the egg hunt he and Mr. Ducky have become fast friends.

Seeing as how we added a new addition to our family of stuffed animals, I thought it would be appropriate to document their first week together. Unfortunately blogger and I are having some issues tonight with this collage. Click to make it bigger.

Oh, and I should let you know that Zachariah does not accept all stuffed animals into his circle of friends. He only has a select few that he will even consider taking into his crib with him during nap time (most of which are penguins). But I am happy to report that Mr. Ducky has been welcomed into this little boy's circle of friends with open arms. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is enjoying Mr. Duckie so much. These pictures are adorable.


Tammi said...

Ha! Tyler is a stuffed animal kid too - the other two never cared for them.

And I love the original and creative. :) LOL

Amy Lynn said...

Tammi- Yeah, I wish I could blame the name on Zachariah's lack of creativity. But it is definitely my laziness. I randomly called him Mr. Ducky one day and Zachariah went right do it. So it stuck. LOL

Rachael said...

that is too precious!