Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shout Out

My friend Marie just posted an interesting post about political media bias.

Go take a look at it and let one of us know what you think. :)


clint said...

I think Tammi is currently researching - and will most likely find - a dispute to every one of those claims... and then Daniel will post something about Obama's failures... and then someone will blast the republicans... and next the democrats... and it never ends.

That's why I'm taking my ball and going home... I REFUSE to play this non winnable game... even though I've been told that not playing makes me a failure as an American citizen and a bad christian.

Amy Lynn said...

I don't think Daniel has posted anything about Obama's failures. Though I kind of wish he would, since the media doesn't seem to mention any of them. :)

So yeah, I don't blame you for taking your ball and going home. I am actually read for this stupid election to be over. I am tired of hearing about politics all day every day.

tammi said...

Nah, I left the game of kickball last week and now I'm sitting on the swings by myself. Just waiting my turn to vote now.....