Thursday, October 16, 2008


I went to bed frustrated.
I woke up cranky.
I have been bored all morning.
Zachariah took a REALLY short nap.
Because of those things, I am irritable.
And I see no end in sight.

The End.


tammi said...

And then you went to the park in the middle of October and it was freaking 89 DEGREES OUTSIDE.
which is a sin.

to be 89 degrees on the 15th of October.

sometimes I wonder if SW Georgia is not God's idea of a joke on humanity. And then I remember the gnats and sweltering humidity and realize that it's not a joke - it's hell.

:) LOL

Anonymous said...

Time for a project!! I have one small idea. It's time to update the pictures of Zac and fam on your blog. Oh and one other - you haven't blogged on any book you've read lately. So if you haven't been reading then you can pick up reading again.