Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Book!

For the past few days I have been reading a book called Train Up Your Children in the Way They Should Eat, by Sharon Broer. Its not a bran new book that just hit the shelves... in fact it was published back in 1999. BUT it is a very interesting read. It has opened my eyes to all the junk that we are all putting into our bodies. So as I read, I will be posting to enlighten everyone on a few of my discoveries. :)

This book addressed many issues... the first of which is trying to keep our kids healthy. It states that the leading cause of death in children, next to accidents, is cancer. Many kids are diagnosed with asthma, obesity, allergies, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other types of learning disabilities. Sharon Broer suggests that what we are feeding our children is playing a vital role in the demise of their health. And after reading half of this book, I am almost positive that she is right.

In Chapter 2 she gives a list of foods kids should avoid... and the first four on the list she says they should NEVER consume in their lifetime. So here it is, straight from the book.

"Top Ten List"
1. Pork and all high-fat luncheon meats. They are loaded with nitrates, artificial dyes and chemicals; they can also cause parasite infestation.
2. Shellfish: lobster, crab, oysters and clams. They can contain abnormally high levels of arsenic, led and mercury.
3. All hydrogenated oils, including margarine and shortening products. These increase the risk of heart disease and cancer. Use organic butter or olive oil instead.
4. Aspartame (Nutra Sweet). Never use these artificial sweetener products.
5. "Junk foods," all high-fat, high-sugar, chemically processed snacks.
6. High-fat dairy products. Goats milk is fine.
7. Olestra, the "fake fat." This product inhibits the absorption of fat soluble vitamins.
8. Caffeine. Limit your intake of caffeinated products.
9. Chlorine and fluoride. These chemicals are found in treated water supplies. Use reverse osmosis or steam distilled water.
10. Alcohol products. Alcohol destroys brain cells and increases the risk of pancreatic cancer, alcoholism, liver cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

I realize that some of you are going to think all this is ridiculous... but remember, this is only one woman's opinion. I encourage you to do your own research to better form your opinion on the facts that she gives. :)


tammi said...

Wait till you start researching immunizations....then your head will really be swimming! :) LOL

tammi said...

Hey! I tagged you on my blog! :) Go check it out! :)

TrishandJohn said...

I think you are right on. I agree with Tammi too. There is so much to find out about immunizations too. Super Food Baby is a wonderful book too about making your own baby food from organics and vegetables. When I went through the Maker's Diet I pretty much had to stick to this list. None of that is really great for us adults either.