Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm It

I have been tagged by Tammi to post 7 random facts about me. I usually hate these "tag, your it" games... but what better way to procrastinate doing laundry than this?? I am going to try hard to think of things most people don't know about me, but I am a pretty open book. So it wouldn't surprise me if most of you already know this stuff. :)

1. I have never had the chicken pox. I'm not joking. I have never, ever had anything that even resembles a pox from a chicken. I do feel sorry for Daniel if/when I ever do get the chicken pox though. I do not suffer silently.
2. I go to the grocery store at least 4 times a week. No joke. Our grocery shopping day is Monday. And it never fails that I return to either Wal Mart or Publix 4 or 5 times before the next shopping trip. For this reason my husband is taking away my credit card (which I am still putting up a fight about).
3. I hated pregnancy. (Shocker, right?) I hated every single day of being pregnant. I don't know how people can say being pregnant is the most wonderful thing they have ever been through. Let me enlighten you to just a few reason as to why I have this hatred inside of me:
- I was the 1 in 4 statistic. "One in four women do ____ during pregnancy". That was me. I experienced just about everything that a pregnant woman can experience. With the exception of hemorrhoids. Thank God I skipped out on those. (I know, TMI. Sorry)
- From the day I found out I was pregnant, to the day before I delivered I was puking my guts up. It started out to where I was puking every couple hours... but then the Dr. prescribed me some medication that limited it to three times a day. (That way I could at least go to work.)
- I had an increase in saliva. Which apparently most women have... some just have a greater increase than others. Mine increased so much that I had to carry around a blue cup and spit in it. (no, I couldn't swallow it.) I had to keep a bucket next to my bed so that I could lean over and spit in it for an hour at night before finally dozing off. I had to carry that blasted cup around from the 6th week of my pregnancy until two weeks after I delivered. Yes, I said AFTER. And to this very day, when my "monthly time" comes, I have an increase in saliva during that week and I have to make a few trips to the sink to spit it out.
Shoot me.
4. I have never broken or sprained anything. This is a testament to how adventurous I am. I have never been a "risk taker". The most that I have had done to me has been getting my wisdom teeth removed. I do actually have a scar, though. It is on my right pinky finger from when I had a wart type thing removed in middle school. See, it wasn't even a full on wart. Sheesh. I cant win.
5. I miss teaching. I never thought I would say it, but I really do miss it. There is nothing more fulfilling than to know I had an impact in preschoolers lives. I miss the random hugs I would receive throughout the day. I miss watching them learn and explore new things. I would love to do it again when my kids are in school.
6. I want to adopt. I have always wanted to adopt. But when my Aunt adopted her youngest daughter from Azerbaijan 5 years ago, that made me all the more passionate about adoption. I don't know when or where. I don't know how we will EVER afford it. All I know is that I would love nothing more than to take in a baby that so desperately needs a home.
7. I am a wanna be photographer. I didn't care about taking pictures until Zachariah came along. Once I saw how adorable he was, I couldn't stop taking pictures. I still cant. There are over a thousand of pictures of him from his first year on this earth. I think I am getting a bit better at the picture taking thing... but I have such a long way to go. I want to learn so much more. This has become my new interest and I REALLY want to get better at it.

Ok, that's about it. I tag Hayley, Marie, Jamie, Wesley, Trish Pfaender, Daniel and Brian (Hayley, you may need to update his blog for him). Now lets see if anyone is as bored as I am! :)


TrishandJohn said...

Hey girl! Those were fun to read and thanks for tagging me. I responded and posted it on my blog page. YOu should check it out! I agree with you, not a fan of pregnancy every day and I wasn't sick that much.

Hayley. said...

1. Oh no, poor Daniel
3. I have a feeling if I ever get pregnant, I will be just like you. I have bad luck.
6. I want an asian baby so badly!!
7. I believe in you :)

Okay my turn! Here I go...

tammi said...

Hey, you're off to a great start as a photographer - I think your stuff is pretty good. :)
AND....that's how I started out - 'bout your age, when Owen was born so was my obsession. :) Ya gotta start somewhere. Keep working at it!

jamie b said...

i did your fun meme. it wasn't easy to think of 7 things!

i could relate to so many of your things!!! however, i had chicken pox twice! i know they say that's impossible, but it happened to me!

i didn't hate being pregnant, but i didn't love it either. if i ever become pregnant again i think i'll enjoy it more since i know the end result is so much better than i could have dreamt before.

we are going to adopt on day soon, hopefully!

i'd love to be a photographer. if i could ever get a nice camera and get my hands on photoshop, i think i could do it :)

and finally, i've never broken anything either. knock on wood!