Saturday, October 04, 2008

Just One

Its been a little over two weeks since I have posted a picture of Zachariah... which is very unlike me. So here is one I took the other day when he was trying to tear down the blinds in his room. He is into everything! And he isn't even walking yet!!! Ah! I cant even imagine how much crazier my life is going to get once he starts walking. Then again, that could be another couple years. He is quite a lazy baby. :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


rachel freeman said...

He is a doll! Love the black and white....! question for the mama...does Zac just eat table foods now or do you feed him some baby food from the jars? Oh, and how much milk is he drinking now? sorry just curious cuz i want to make sure i'm feeding Evie the right things.

Amy Lynn said...

Hey! I have emailed you my response to the email that is on your blog home page. Hope you don't mind! My response was a bit long. :)

The Harmon Family said...

Hey Amy Lynn! What a precious baby boy you have. Oh my, he is CUTE! So glad you 'stopped by' to say hi.