Monday, February 04, 2008

Keep On Rollin

Quick update on my adorable child:

1) He has become an expert on sucking his fingers/thumb (see picture below)
2) He has tried ALL of the Stage 1 baby foods and only found one that he doesnt like (Peaches)
3) He is a big fan of hiding under his burp cloth
4) He has recenly gotten his hand eye coordination worked out (which means mommy is losing a lot of hair.)
5) He has beeng "talking" a lot here recently, and its the most adorable thing in the world.
And our biggest accomplishment so far?
drum roll please.........
He rolled over for the first time this weekend!!! Horray!

We are going to the Dr. on Wednesday four our 4 month check up (even though he is almost 5 months, but who is counting?) ... so stay tuned for another update soon!


Hayley. said...

Hooray! And I got to see him roll over! :)
He is getting too big!

jamie b said...

Look how big he is getting!!!! He's becoming a little chunk :) I love that! YAY for rolling over! Bryan rolled over once around 3 or 4 months and then didn't do it again until he was 6 months or so. :) I bet Zac will be rolling everywhere he wants to go! :)

Anonymous said...

Horray for Zachariah!! Maybe he'll do it for us tomorrow night. Did you just find him that way or did you see it happen?


Amy Lynn said...

Actually, Hayley was over at our house and the 3 of us were just sitting around talking, and all of a sudden he just rolled over!

tammi said...

Yay Zac!
He looks so big in that picture!
He'll be sitting up before you know it!