Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Einstein

I am in love with Baby Einsteins. They have the most amazing products. And I want all of them. I LOVE their teether books, toys, dishes (even though we don't need most of that yet), and their movies. We have three of the movies and Zachariah loves them. It gives me around 30 min. to fix dinner, fold laundry, or check my blogs. (I usually take the time to do the latter) So yeah. Baby Einstein is amazing. And just for everyone's information, the next movie I am wanting is Baby Neptune. Because it looks so freaking awesome.

That it. I just wanted to express my love for this ingenious company.

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tammi said...

I've seen how transfixed Zac is by Baby Einsteins, but watching those videos makes me want to shove a fork in my eye.
And then I get jealous because somebody is making MILLIONS off a videos of windup toys and stuffed teddybears set to tinkly keyboarded Mozart.