Thursday, February 07, 2008


Do you hate dusting in those hard to reach areas? You know what I am talking about. Fan blades, blinds, floor boards. Lets be honest here. Who really likes to dust? If you are anything like me dusting doesn’t get done except for once every 4 or 5 months. (Yeah I know, I am a bad housewife)

So we have determined that you hate to dust, right? You better grab a seat, because I have the perfect product for you. What is this wonderful dusting product you ask? Its the handy dandy Swiffer Duster of course! I just dusted our whole living room (fan blades included) in less than 5 min. It was quite amazing. And I actually enjoyed doing it. Shocker I know. Amy Lynn, who doesn’t lift a finger except to turn on the TV, dusted today. The best part about it? It cost less than $10.

Read up on it. Buy it. Fall in love with it.
I know I did.


Danny104 said...

Dusting is such a pain, get me one! hehe

tammi said...


What's that?

jamie b said...

I also love the swiffer dusters :) they are awesome!