Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bath Bucket Anyone?

I was doing some online browsing today and found this infant "bathtub". I read up on it and supposedly the tub promotes a fetal sitting position for the baby. Its supposed to be safer and make bathtime enjoyable. The thing I am wondering is how on earth you are supposed to bathe the baby while they are in a cramped little bucket with water up to their chest. Now, I haven’t used it, so I probably shouldn’t pass judgment on this tub. In fact, most of the reviews I read on it were very positive. But I just can’t see it being any easier to bathe a baby in that.

With my luck, everyone that reads my blog will probably have one of these and they will love it. So then I will look stupid for insulting it... but for now I will just giggle at the image in my head of bathing a baby in a mop bucket.


jamie b said...

That is weird! Can't wait to hear if anyone has ever used it. I'm with you...how are you supposed to actually bathe your baby??? It also looks like they would outgrow it very fast. Funny!

In the Den said...

That's not true. I found that picture she downlaoded and the caption read: "Baby Trash Can."

tammi said...

What the heck??
That's weird. Really, really weird.