Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I have been going through potty training mood swings here recently. One day I will think that I am ready to take on the daunting task of potty training a toddler, and then the next day I will wake up and realize that I have no desire to potty train a kid. Ever. Lately I have been feeling like I "need" to potty train Zachariah right now. I think I mainly feel that way because I told myself that when he turned two and a half we would start potty training. I had that in my head and he is now two and a half and I haven't started. So that has the potential to stress me out, but I am trying to make it a point to not let it. You know why? Because the average age for potty training is three years old. I need to wait until he is completely ready or else it is going to be ridiculously hard on me. Now, don't get me wrong... he is so incredibly close to being ready. But I still think he has a few more steps to go. And I am ok with waiting.

I am in desperate need of improving my parenting skills. Don't get me wrong, there are certain areas where I believe I am a kick butt parent (yes, humility is one of my strong points), but recently I have been shown some areas where I really need to improve. I will let you know how it goes. :)

As much as I hate to admit this, I am 99.9% sure that I am going to be a homeschooling mother. I know I have a few years before I even have to think about Zachariah's schooling, and don't even ask me how I am going to muster up patience for it, but for the past six months or so I have been tossing the idea around. After hearing so many friends with kids in public AND private schools and after reading blogs/talking with friends about their homeschooling experiences, I am almost certain this is what I want to do. Explaining the reasoning behind all of this is going to take an entirely separate post, but I just wanted to let you know what was going on in my crazy little head.

A while back I was changing Zachariah's sheets and I got distracted and forgot to put the rail back on his bed. He came in the room and freaked out. All I heard for the next 60 seconds was, "Oh no!!! Where my big boy bed?!?!?!?". Let me just say that it is NOT a good sign that his big boy bed is defined by the rail that keeps him from rolling off. But Friday while I was changing his sheets I "hid" the rail in my closet. You know, just to see if he would notice. And you know what? He has been sleeping on the bed without a rail for the past three days and has not said a word about it. Score! That was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Now if only potty training could be that easy...

I know I have been very slack on my vaccine posts and recipe posts. And for that, I apologize. But if it makes you feel any better I will tell you that I have two or three new recipes I am trying out this week (coincidentally enough they all happen to be breakfast foods). Now the kicker is trying to remember to take pictures while I am cooking! I need an assistant.

And since I hate to post without a picture, here ya go...


Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! :)


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be your assistant! I will help with the tasting after work!

The Journey said...

If you find one that works for free give me a call too!

Dude! Hollywood Stars have NO idea how regular people live! I would love an errand girl / boy (i'm an equal opportunity employer!) Life would be so much fun if I had someone helping with the grunt work!

BTW: From what I hear, potty training comes somewhat naturally. When he's ready, it will be time. Don't worry! You are a great mom with or without diapers!

BTW # 2: If the option were available to me (if I was a mom), I would most definitely homeschool. I have a great friend of mine who does if you would like to talk with her and get some ideas. Just let me know!

Kira said...

Hey there!

My name is Kira, and I've been reading your blog for the past month or so. Your family is adorable. I love reading about your day to day life! I hadn't read anything that I had any experience in, since I am only 15, but I saw your latest post, where you said that you would like to homeschool, and I wanted to offer my perspective. I have been homeschooled since 1st grade, and I think it was the BEST thing for me. I love it. I am in 10th grade right now, and I am so grateful that my parents decided to homeschool me. I was able to learn in a better enviroment, which led me to get a grade ahead. I have also garnered skills throughout my years that have enabled me to communicate with people of all ages-- which is something most of my peers lack. It takes a lot of patience to homeschool, but I think that you would be a wonderful teacher.
I hope this helps you! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Kira- Hi! Thanks so much for continuing to read my blog! I love finding out that I have new readers. :)

I am so grateful for your perspective on homeschooling. It is always nice hearing positive things coming from someone who has experienced it! I know several people who have been homeschool for most of their life and they absolutely loved it. The more I hear, the more I am loving the idea. I will be posting more about it in the future so make sure to pipe up and share your opinions! :)

Thanks again for reading! Hope to hear from you soon. :)