Monday, April 12, 2010

New Favorite

I don't know a good way to transition into this random topic so I am just going to come out and say it.

We have recently discovered Zachariah's new favorite animal.

(And by "favorite animal" I mean his favorite animal that can be found in our yard. Giraffes, zebras, monkeys and rhino's will always be on the top of his list of favorite wild animals. In this post we are talking about the less exciting animals that live on this earth.)

Want to know what it is?

The good ol' rollie pollie! I loved these things as a kid (I mean, what kid didn't?). And we had TONS of them in our yard growing up and I thought they were pretty cool, and now Zachariah is becoming quite fascinated with the little creatures.

And why shouldn't he be excited about these little guys? They don't bite, sting or transmit diseases, they are small, they roll up into a cute little ball and there always seem to be one outside whenever Z is on the hunt. Sounds like the perfect bug to me!

Not a day goes by where Z doesn't stop in the carport or on the sidewalk to see if he can find a rollie pollie and help it to the grass. And he is SO careful about watching his step. He is very concerned that he will accidentally step on one if he doesn't tiptoe.

Talk about adorable.

Even though he loves these little guys he will sort of freak out if I try to get him to hold one. And he is actually very uncomfortable with me holding them as well. If he sees one crawling on my hand he will nervously say, "Uh, no mama. Put on ground."

Sweet little guy. Hey, maybe he has a future with PETA!

(Boy I crack myself up)

So for now he will just watch them from the sidelines and continue to do his part by not stepping on them. We will save these rollie pollies one literal step at a time. :)

(And just for the record, the little tear you see in his eye is not from joy. He fell moments before this picture was taken and scraped his knee. But he did not want to go inside and fix it until he was able to tell the rollie pollie goodbye.)


Raine said...

Simply adorable. :)

The Journey said...

So Cute!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy these days of discovery! I love seeing what your day brings!