Wednesday, April 14, 2010

High Fructose Corn Syrup

I saw a commercial the other day that just made my jaw drop to the floor. I don't watch much tv so everyone else has probably already seen these, but just in case I put two of the commercials down below. They are very short so it wont take you long to watch.

I don't get offended easily, especially by things I see on tv, but this actually offended me. I cant even express how angry I was/am that these commercials are on the air. The average person will believe ANYTHING they hear, and so now people are thinking that high fructose corn syrup is perfectly fine. News flash: ITS NOT. Whats next? A commercial that is trying to convince us that smoking actually increases your life span!! Grrrr.

Ok. I am going to take a time out and calm down a bit. While I am doing that, please watch these other two commercials I found. They are "spoofs" of the two ridiculous ones at the top of the post. They are obviously not "professionally done" but I liked them anyway. :)

High fructose corn syrup is not good for you, MSG is not good for you, food dyes are not good for you... the list could go on. Sure these things are not HORRIBLE in moderation, but they happen to be in everything we eat. So we cannot possibly eat them in moderation. I hate that most people think its ok to eat all this junk.

Alright. I think that is enough video footage and ranting for today. Just... PLEASE don't believe everything you see on TV. Do your own research.

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Crystal said...

Thank you for sharing! Now I have a post about this thx to your info