Monday, November 01, 2010

A List

1. I hate not having a computer. Yeah. Its pretty much killing me. Who knew that toddler puke could kill a computer? I am eventually going to get a new computer, but for now I am still waiting till the end of the day to use my husbands. Its not the end of the world, but its really cramping my blogging/facebooking/emailing/photo editing style! So if you are waiting on me to get back with you via email or facebook, or if you are waiting to see cute pictures of my kid... it may take me a little longer than usual. Just know that I am getting to it all. Slowly but surely.

2. Halloween was fabulous. Well, I take that back. The day before Halloween was fabulous. Our dumb town decided to take it upon themselves to change the holiday, so trick or treating took place on Saturday, not Sunday. You know, because its apparently "evil" or something to have Halloween land on a Sunday. I know, I know. I am ridiculous to pitch a fit about this, but honestly here. There is something seriously wrong with a town thinking its ok to change holidays whenever they want!

We went trick or treating with some friends from church and it was a BLAST! We rode on a trailer through the neighborhoods and got loads and loads of candy! This was Z's first year trick or treating and he seriously loved it. He loved spending all of that time with his friends too. Win win situation for us! :)

3. I have the smallest linen closet known to mankind. I'm not lying. Our linen closet is seriously tiny. It is located in the hallway and it has four shelves that are as deep as a shoe box. Since neither bathroom has a closet, this is the only place we have to store towels/sheets. I was about to call Daniel and complain about how I cant fit anything in our minuscule linen closet when I had a thought. There are millions of people in this world who don't have a home, much less a linen closet to complain about. So I slapped myself on the hand for almost complaining about something so silly and decided to reorganize to make the best use of that space. And after I reorganized I ended up with a whole empty shelf!

4. I got my hair cut. Nothing major, but my fabulous hair stylist thinned out my hair and gave me layers so that I no longer look 12. It had seriously been eight months since my last cut, so my hair was looking a bit ridiculous. Needless to say, my hair has been MUCH happier since the cut.

5. I have watched How To Train Your Dragon no less than a trillion times this past week. No lie. Ok, maybe a little lie. I HAVE watched it a lot though. As in, at least once a day. My son has become obsessed and has taken the Netflix movie hostage. I don't know when I will be able to send it back, but its time for an intervention. I think its safe to say this movie will be on his Christmas list. :)

6. There is a ton of laundry on my bed right now. I hate folding clothes. I will wash and dry them all day long. Heck, I am even fine with putting them away once they have been folded, but I truly loathe folding clothes. And because of that 5 loads of laundry have been wrinkling in baskets and in the dryer for a week now. I am actually out of baskets to put the clean (but not yet folded) clothes in, so I bought another one today. Pitiful? Yes. Did it buy me another day of not having to fold clothes? Yes. Yes it did.

7. I hate not having a computer. Oh, wait. I think I already covered that. My bad.

8. I am getting a new blog. My fabulous husband is designing it and I am super pumped to get it up and running! I still have to do a few things before I make it public, but it is pretty much awesome. I will let you all know when the big reveal will occur.

9. I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I'm not even gonna lie. The first 4 months went by incredibly slowly, but I seriously cant believe I am almost in my third trimester. I am amazed at how normal I feel. I haven't puked in a month, my saliva production is down so much that I don't have to spit in a cup anymore, and I am just enjoying the heck out of my pregnancy! I never thought I would see this day, but I am SO glad it is here.

10. This baby is a mover and a shaker! No joke. This baby is ACTIVE. I did not feel Zachariah kick me this powerfully until my 7th or 8th month, but this little boy has been kicking and nudging me quite forcefully for at least a month now. In fact, he has started river dancing on my bladder in his spare time. Talented little guy! :)

11. Diet drinks are evil. I am constantly amazed at all the people I know who drink diet drinks. Usually it is people who are wanting to lose weight and they somehow think that drinking diet will help that. Studies have actually shown that people who drink diet drinks end up gaining weight. I have a whole blog post to do on this, but until then just know that diet drinks really are awful for you. Not like regular sodas are by any means good for you, but they are MUCH better than diet. I'll leave you with this thought: The ingredient list in diet drinks are so bad that pregnant women are urged not to drink them because it could do serious harm to the fetus.

12. My butt hurts. I have officially been sitting on the couch for too long, so I am going to go wrap this up before my butt goes completely numb. I will hopefully be (finally!) posting Zachariah's three year old pictures next time I get on here!

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Sounds like you will be giving birth to a bouncing baby boy!!!