Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello dear readers.

I regret (but not really) to inform you that this is my very last blog post over here on That's What She Said. Not my very last blog post ever, just the last one over here at this blog address!

Blogger has served me well these past four years, but it is time to move on. My husband has created a kick butt website for me and I am soooo ready to start using it! This site will still remain "live", but it wont be updated. So don't forget to subscribe, bookmark, change the blog address on your blog rolls, change the rss or whatever it is you people need to change in order to check my blog!

Now, it will take some time for me to move my 600 something posts over to my new website, so you will just have to bear with me. If you don't see something over on my new website (for example: a certain recipe or photography or vaccine post) you may feel free to come back here and search for it. Everything WILL eventually make it over to the new site, but again, it WILL take me a little while.

Anyway! Without further ramblings, here is the link to my new blog/website/awesomeness!

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