Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh The Joys

Miss me?

You better have. I have been absent for almost a week! I had two to three posts lined up for this week, one including some of Zachariah's three year old pictures, but I have had a few set backs. Ok, mainly one set back.

You see, Zachariah got sick. He had a pretty high fever and he was VERY clingy. So we pretty much laid around watching movies all day Tuesday. Later that afternoon I decided to try and blog while sitting on the couch with him.

THAT was a bad idea.

He ended up projectile puking all over me, the computer, the couch and himself. My computer immediately shut down (I assumed out of self defense.) and hasn't turned on since. So if I want to use a computer I have to wait till late at night when my husband is done working on his. Luckily I am able to access my email and facebook on my phone or I would be cut off from the outside world!

Anyway. All that to say, my computer is dead and I will have to wait until it is fixed/I get a new one to blog anything of substance. All of my pictures are on the barf-y computer.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted on my computer situation and when you can expect to see cute pictures of my kid! :)

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