Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random Ramblings

Zachariah has been sick for the past two days.

And by sick I don't mean puke sick. I mean congested sick.

The poor guy cant breathe. He has developed a cough and he has a constant runny nose.

And he is clingy.

And tired.

And fussy.

And isn't sleeping very well.

And isn't eating very much. All he asked for/ate today was applesauce. Quite a few bowls of applesauce at that. So that makes me think his throat hurts. Well, that and every time he coughs he almost cries.

When he doesn't feel good he is pitiful and cute and cuddly.

I love the fact that he is cuddly, but I hate he is sick.

And this cough. Oh this cough freaks me out sometimes. It reminds me of his bronchitis that he had last year. And the year before.

Needless to say, we are headed to the doctor tomorrow morning. I need to get some meds into this kiddo.

And I wouldn't be shocked if I moved Z into our bed tonight. Which I have NEVER done before. So you know if I do it I am truly paranoid about him and his breathing/coughing.

Sorry I don't have a more interesting post. I am one heck of a tired mama right now.

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